10 Minutes to Change the Way You Wake Up

When my cell alarm rings at the buttcrack of dawn, the screen image displays a simple text with a reminder of how I want to greet the day.  It reads, "Thank you!  I love it!"
It's a little secret I learned by going to enough birthday parties of spoiled brats who are ungrateful for their presents.  You see, I believe each day we wake up to the most amazing gift ... a new day of life, and we are just like that little birthday girl who is either ungrateful, indifferent, or radically happy before she even knows what's inside.
In this 10 minute devotional recording, I share the illustration of the three birthday girls, then invite you to intentionally choose which one you will be as you receive the gift of a new day.
I hope you join me in saying, "Thank you!  I love it!"
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Jar of Marbles

On average, when your child is born, you are given 936 weekends with them until they become an adult and leave home. (assuming you cut the apron strings and send them on their way at 18)

If you’re a new mom, 936 weekends seems like a really LONG time. If your kids are teens like mine, you’re realizing how quickly those weekends are dwindling down.

My son is down to 172 weekends. My daughters are at 288 and 313.

I’ve wasted many of their weekends. I’ve spent precious time doing unimportant things. How about you Mama?

My church recently presented a jar of marbles

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Family Summer Contract

Here it is ... the Family Summer Contract that will keep you sane and keep your kids on track! No more sleeping the summer away or watching TV all day ... no more "mom, I'm bored" ... make a plan!
The key is to get them in on the plan. Let them help choose bed time, wake up time, chores, activities and rewards. Then hold them to the plan.

Download the free printable "Family Summer Contract" here and fill it out with your kids this weekend. Sign it and hang on the refrigerator.  (see images of our 3 page family contract for ideas)
{Remember, stress the REWARDS ... resist the urge to nag}

Summer Bucket List

Are you truly living, or merely surviving?  You weren’t created to be a bill payer and living like one will lead to an unfulfilling life. Summer is here … what do you want to do? Where do you want to go? What experiences do you want to have?
You see, my kids are growing up entirely too fast, so darn it, I will squeeze in every memory we possibly can while these kids are still home.  How about you?
Download and print your free Summer Bucket List here.
Feel free to steal a few ideas off our family list, then get out there and start living Mama!