SHM Club Chapters

The Smokin' Hot Mama Club now has local chapters in 10 areas.  Get connected and join an upcoming event near you.  You're going to love these ladies.

Las Cruces, NM Chapter
Nebraska Chapter
SW Missouri Chapter
Oklahoma Chapter
El Paso, TX Chapter
Corpus Christi/San Antonio Chapter 
Indiana/Ohio Chapter
Illinois Chapter
Kansas City Chapter 
Phoenix, AZ Chapter

More chapters coming soon!


RETREAT ... Coming Soon

Are you ready to RETREAT with us?  Details here.


BIG Life Mentoring ~ August Sold Out

All 300 BIG Life Mentoring spots quickly sold out this month, but you can put your name on our September waiting list today for free.

Your Mentoring Membership includes the following

  • Weekly LIVE video Mentoring sessions
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  • Accountability partners




FREE Mentoring Session with Pamela


10 Minutes to Change the Way You Wake Up

When my cell alarm rings at the buttcrack of dawn, the screen image displays a simple text with a reminder of how I want to greet the day.  It reads, "Thank you!  I love it!"
It's a little secret I learned by going to enough birthday parties of spoiled brats who are ungrateful for their presents.  You see, I believe each day we wake up to the most amazing gift ... a new day of life, and we are just like that little birthday girl who is either ungrateful, indifferent, or radically happy before she even knows what's inside.
In this 10 minute devotional recording, I share the illustration of the three birthday girls, then invite you to intentionally choose which one you will be as you receive the gift of a new day.
I hope you join me in saying, "Thank you!  I love it!"
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